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Information Technology Policy

Technology purchases of computer software and equipment must be discussed and approved by the Academic Information Support Services Division (AISS). AISS will also create the PO request and handle all associated purchasing procedures for your department. Approval will ensure that the purchase is compatible with other University software and is compatible with our network, portal systems and meets pre-established minimum hardware configuration and quality requirementsAcademic Information Support Services Division can't guarantee or support technology items that have not been approved prior to purchasing the product or service.

If you are not sure whether or not your intended purchase is a technology purchase, please call Information Technology at ext. 3432 before purchasing. The following are always considered technology purchases:

  • Computers, printers, scanners, flat screens, projectors, etc.
  • iPads, tablets, netbooks, laptop and other mobile devices
  • Software
  • Any software, hosted applications or other vendor supplied programs and services
  • Most electronic equipment, audio recording equipment, digital cameras, etc.
  • Any wireless device
  • Any peripheral that attaches to a computer
  • TV, projections systems, smartboards, communication devices

By discussing and coordinating your intended purchase with Information Services, you are assured the best:

  • Price. Information Technology has special contracts with suppliers, for example, computers, HP printers, print cartridges and recycled toner.
  • Compatibility. Information Technology can assure you that your purchase will work with existing and future purchases. 
  • Software license contracts. Information Technology has multiple licensing contracts and may already have the software you are looking for or can obtain the software at an extremely reduced cost, for example, Microsoft, Adobe, and Novell.
  • Installation. Information Technology will be able to schedule installation of your new equipment and can prepare special wiring or network connections prior to the arrival of the equipment, for example, a fax machine or an additional printer.
  • Warranties. Information Technology maintains warranties and can schedule warranty service.
  • Maintenance and service of hardware. Information Technology has contracts with various vendors for service and maintenance of equipment. 
  • Maintenance of software licenses. Information Technology maintains maintenance contracts on most software and obtains the latest software version when it is released, for example, all the Microsoft software.
  • Adopting specific software for student use. Information Technology maintains the student computer lab and the classroom computers. If you want students to use specific software, contact Information Technology to discuss your options.
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