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Information Technology Policy

Personal pages should be created with the understanding that users should follow similar precautions and procedures as would apply to other formats.

Because personal Web pages contain "" as part of their URLs, they absolutely reflect the Author's affiliation with University of St. Francis. Therefore, they should not contain material that undermines University of St. Francis's statement of purpose and its character as a faith based institution. This includes material that is highly offensive, profane, vulgar or abusive.
Any page residing on a University server or in the domain of "" must adhere to the following:

  1. Servers cannot be used for the publication of materials that are obscene, harassing, threatening or degrading in any way.
  2. Personal Web pages must not contain illegal material. This includes text, images, music or programs that are copyrighted by other people unless the copyright owner has given written permission for their use on the WWW.
  3. Pages maintained in the domain "" must not contain direct links to sites which contain materials that:
    1. Threaten, harass, intimidate or are obscene
    2. Violate copyright, patent protections, license agreements and other intellectual property rights
    3. Violate existing local, state, national or international laws, the University's code of conduct, or University’s rules or policies
  4. Authors of Web documents and those who store resources on USF servers are solely responsible for their content.
  5. Any pages on a USF server or in the domain "" may not be used for the benefit of third parties or for profit making activities.
  6. The following disclaimer must be placed on all personal pages: "The content and opinions expressed on this page belong to (your name) and are not endorsed by University of St. Francis. The University accepts no responsibility for the contents of these pages."
  7. Individuals should not include the University's official logo on a personal web page.

Enforcement of Web Policies
Users should be aware that the Information Technology department may review account files if there is reasonable cause to believe that a user has engaged in misuse or violation of this policy. Information Technology can suspend, discontinue, or deny Web page service without notice to anyone it determines is abusing the computing system. Infractions shall be reported the Chief Information Officer and to the Dean of Student Life or in case of an employee to the appropriate Vice President. In addition, if web pages violate local, state, or national or international law, civil or criminal action may be taken.

Suspected Violation of Web Page Policies
If you suspect a violation of these policies, send E-mail to

Please specify who and what you are complaining about. In particular, you should include the user and/or the URL(s) of web pages in question and what applicable laws or policies you believe have been violated.
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