Technology at USF

The use of technology is an integral part of the educational process at the University of St. Francis. St. Francis has been a leader in educational technology and continues to offer our students with innovative technology services every year.

Should you bring a computer to campus?

Technology is a critical part of your life at the University of St. Francis. The University doesn't require students to own their own computer; however, 90 percent of students living on campus bring their computer of which over 85 percent are laptop allowing them to take advantage of USF wireless network available across the campus in the academic areas.

Students have access approximately 200 public use computers spread throughout campus in public and departmental computer labs.

The university’s public use computers and most faculty computers run the Windows operating system and the Office 2010 suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access). We recommend that computers being brought to campus run Windows XP or Windows 7. 

Mass Communications and Visual Arts Departments use Apple based computers. Students bring Apple computers we recommend these computers have the latest Apple operating system and the Microsoft Office suite program.

No matter which platform you choose, you'll want a computer that is no more than one or two years old so that it can run the latest software and serve you well for four years.

You may elect not to bring a personal printer to campus because all of the computer labs throughout campus are equipped with the ability to print. Each student is given a printing credited of $10 each semester that allows them to print approximately 200 pages per semester.  Printing credits are not carried forward to the next semester.

Purchasing Computers and Software

As a student at University of St. Francis, you have the opportunity to purchase computer hardware and software at educational discounted prices.  In order to receive these discounts, you must order through the University student hardware and software web site found at

The Latest Technology Happens Here First

Online Learning Technology

In the fall of 1998, the University of St. Francis became one of the first universities in the nation to offer both undergraduate and graduate online degree programs through the Center for Instructional Delivery.   

MyUSF Portal Technology

The University of St Francis MyUSF portal an award winning student service software program that gives students a web based interface for identity management, single sign-on capabilities as well as, the ability for content aggregation.  Now, USF students simply log into the MyUSF portal from anywhere, at any time, and have access to academic services, online courses, web based email, access the university’s network storage areas and utilize our library services or online databases for research. 

Academic Computing Fee

In order to maintain the present services and provide funds that will enable the university to keep pace with the rapid changes in technology innovation, a technology fee is necessary. The Academic Computing Fee (ACF) does not cover the cost of all technology services provided. The fees collected cover less than half of the expenses to deliver the present level of technology to the campus.

Classroom Technology

The University's focus on the integration of technology and student learning is evident within our 30 multimedia classrooms for instruction and presentation by both faculty and students. The multimedia classrooms have Internet access, video projection systems and computerized teacher stations for presentations.



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