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In order to access the MyUSF Parent Portal your student must first create an account for you to log into the MyUSF portal. The University can’t create this account for you because of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations. Please talk to your student about creating an account for you.

To access the MyUSF Parent Portal please go to (see the image below).

Your student will provide you with the Student User Id (everything left of the email address), Your User Id and Your Password.  Do not call the University for account access because according Federal Law we can’t provide you with this information. 

Viewing your Account

Once you have successfully logged into the parent portal you will see a screen similar to the image below.  Please note, what you see will vary depending on how much access your student has decided to give you the ability to view.  USF can’t give you access to any student information.  This must be done by the student.

You will notice the image below has a 3 highlighted items.  The red box at the top show you where to find the Student’s Id or 800 number.  The next red box give you the parental portal pin number.  You will need both of these numbers when you call to discuss any information about your student.  Without this information the University is required by FERPA regulation not to discuss anything about your student with you.

The bottom arrow shows you what information your student has decided to grant you access too.  Just click on the different tabs to see the appropriate information.

Notices and Alerts

Please refresh your browser to receive the most up-to-date alerts.

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