Residential Student FAQs

Do I have to bring a computer?

No, USF has general computer labs in all buildings for use by students except the Rec Center.  All resident halls have small general computer areas that have at least one printer for use by residential students.

If I bring a computer, what are the suggested minimum specifications?

If your computer has been made within the last 3 years it should meet the minimum specifications to connect to USF’s network.  As a general rule if you purchasing a new computer the more memory you have the better the computer will function and should last long.  You might find these links useful.

I am a resident student and will be bringing my own computer, is there anything I should do before I get to campus?

    • Install virus protection.  These are a few of the free virus software
      • Microsoft Essential
      • AVG
      • AVAST
      • If you have Internet at your home most ISP provide free virus software
      • Resident students can get free virus protection by stopping into the Marian IT office.
    • Turn on antivirus automatic updates
    • Install spyware protection.  (Free programs)
    • Turn on Windows or Mac automatic updates
    • Bring a surge suppressor strip
    • You will need a Cat 5 computer drop cable to connect your computer to the network.
      • You can purchase these drop cable in the USF Bookstore or at a store like Best Buy.

Does USF offer any discount hardware and software purchasing programs?

Yes.  The following vendors offer educational discounts to USF students

Does USF have guidelines to help determine how technology should be used?

Yes, all users are expected to follow the University’s Technology Policies.

How do I connect my computer and phone?

In Marian Hall rooms;

  • The phone jack is located next to the door.
  • The computer jacks are located on the walls next to each window in the room.

In the other resident halls the phone and data connections are located on the same communication jack which various depending on the room.  The outlet plate should have a phone and computer jack with the phone connection on the top or to the left depending on how the box is mounted.  Each jack should have an identifier icon on it as shown on the left. Click on the picture to enlage the image.

I can’t connect to some web sites and to gaming sites.  What should I do?

You will have to stop in the Information Technology Office located on the first floor of Marian Hall and talk with the IT staff to see if we can resolve your issue.

How do I hook up my cable TV connection?

If you have any problem with your cable TV you will need to stop over to the Resident Life office located in the first floor of the Motherhouse.  You will need to have a cable TV drop cable to connect your TV to the wall jack.  If you don’t have one at home you can purchase the cable in the USF Bookstore.

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