FAQ | Changes To Wireless Network Security

Why do I have to register to use the wireless or wired network?

We are requiring valid users of USF network resources to register to insure that the primary users of our services are getting the full benefit. By restricting access to registered users we ensure that our users are registered students and employees, which is what the network services are intended for. The University has invested a great deal of time and financial resources to provide a state of the art technological learning environment for students and with that in mind the registration reserves the best of the technology for the users of the USF network.

Why does my computer have to be assessed before I can access the network?

The assessment module was implemented to insure that all equipment connected to the University network will work in harmony with the system. Non-compliant computers and equipment can lead to detrimental effects on network performance and productivity. By assessing all equipment that is connected, we can increase the quality of service of the network system.

How come we never had to do this before?

Due to the proliferation of wireless devices available on the market today, it has become increasingly important from a security and performance standpoint to insure that the USF network is used by the people it is intended for and in the appropriate manner to which users are required to use it. The USF network is provided, primarily, for educational purposes and secondly for the enrichment of valid users. In order to safeguard the educational environment, we have implemented limited access for guests of USF, while reserving full access to network services the students and employees of the University of St. Francis.

What is the difference between the USF Wireless Guest and USF Wireless Auth?

USF Wireless Guest provides limited access to the Internet, while the Auth network provides additional speed and access to the Internet, as well as, University based services such as the Library and MyUSF portal.

What if I can’t get it to work?

If you are experiencing difficulty connecting or using the wireless or wired service of the network, contact Network Support Services by calling ext 3432 on campus or 815-740-3432 from off campus. You can also stop in anytime to our Marian Hall office located in room MG07 with your questions or concerns and the staff will be happy to attend to your needs.

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